Organic Crib Mattress Vs Standard Crib Mattress


The option of a crib mattress for your child is not one that should be taken lightly. Usually, a child will spend a lot of time in his or her crib. Newborns spend most of their lives sleeping though it may not look like that way to you when you're waking up three or four times in the night to be there for your baby's requirements. In the mattress market, you can find both traditional and organic crib mattress both.  The traditional or standard crib mattress is foam or innerspring crib mattress. But organic crib mattress is the newest development in the mattress industry. Many parents select an organic mattress for ensuring a much healthier environment for their child. It is an important decision to choose and buy a mattress bed for your kid. In this content, I want to share you with the nature and benefits of both standard and organic mattress.

Types of mattress

Usually, you can notice three type of mattress in the market. These are foam, innerspring and organic baby crib mattress.

Foam crib mattress

Now I can tell you about foam mattress. Foam crib mattress is the old version, but recently it comes with more innovative looks and feature. From the 19th century to modern life, you can notice a remarkable change in this foam crib mattress. Foam mattress is lighter than another mattress. Its price is also pretty reasonable. For that reason, many people prefer this mattress. But this form of mattress also has some negative aspects. In the manufacturing, process chemical is included. And all we know that chemically is not safe for human and particularly harmful kids.

Innerspring baby crib mattress

Now we come to the point about innerspring baby crib mattress. It is the much more updated version in the mattress industry. Many people use this mattress for its outstanding support and safety feature. But its weight is quite high. Price range is also pretty reasonable. Spring or coils are placed the inner side of the mattress, and that can give the support. Coil quantity depends on its size. When you can put your kid in an innerspring crib mattress, you will notice mattress can’t sink. That can give the ideal back and neck support. An innerspring mattress is also great shopping for adult bed too.

Organic crib mattress

Now we can discuss organic crib mattress. The organic baby crib mattress is the newest edition in the baby crib mattress industry. Thousands of people choose this mattress for its all outstanding feature and benefits. Its price is the little bit high, but you can get entire desirable things what you can demand from a baby crib mattress. If you want to live in a green environment, then organic mattress is only one option. Because of an organic mattress is not containing any chemical or harmful pesticide. For that reason, organic mattress demands increase higher. Dust resistant system, mold-resistant system and anti-bacteria protection system makes this product more beneficial.

Comfort and Support

Comfort and support are much important for a crib mattress. If you can’t give proper comfort to your newborn, then his periods of sleep can be hampering. Don’t forget that an infant can spend almost 18 hours sleeping in a day. So it is quite important to give much comfort while they are in crib bed. Support is another concern while your child is in the crib bed. A little child can’t explain how they feel. They just irritate and crying if they feel not well. So as a parents or mom you have to give them proper comfort and support.

Health Benefits of organic crib mattress

Foam mattress seems comfortable for its soft surface. But softness is not suitable for a crib bed. Much soft mattress bed surface can increase the risk of SIDS. Much softness is hampering the kids breathing system.

Innerspring crib mattress bed surface is suitable for a child. Innerspring crib mattress can design for proper comfortable, and it also reduces the SIDS. When you can put your baby in this innerspring crib mattress, then you can notice you can’t sink. In the point of the organic crib mattress, you can get a remarkable comfort facility for baby crib mattress bed. It not only gives you a green environment it also provides you with a comfortable bedding facility.

It is essential to get proper back support while using a mattress bed. And it is more important for newborn or little age child. Traditional foam mattress surface is quite soft, and it does not give you proper back and neck support. But in the innerspring crib mattress point, you can get a pretty adequate level of support. And organic baby crib mattress is also a great option for choosing the proper support.

User-friendly procedure

If you can buy a product and that is not safe for use, then your whole money going to waste. But in the matter of baby appliance it is more important and consideration able issue. You have to pick that product or stuff which gives them full comfort, support as well as safety.

In the mattress market, you can get all standard size baby crib mattress. If you are in the US, then you can easily find your desirable crib size mattress. Whatever that is foam, innerspring or organic crib mattress. But I can recommend you to purchase the organic one.

In the recent time, it’s hard to say that which one is the best. Because of crib mattress manufacturer can make a great upgrading in their product. And day by day they can launch finest crib mattress product. But all are not proper user-friendly. You have to pick the perfect one from all those.

Final verdict

In the last part of the content, I want to tell you that you can get all types of crib mattress on the market. But you have to choose and pick the right one for your child. The organic crib mattress is the best option, but if your budget is not much high, then you have to pick other option from the market. Foam and innerspring crib mattress is also a good choice, but you have to pick the right one.  I hope you can easily understand the fundamental difference between the traditional and organic mattress.


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