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My wife and I decided to share all the responsibility equally. But during the delivery time, she falls sick. So I have to take much responsibility to preparing for our kid. My wife advises me to buy all organic and environment-friendly baby stuff. So, I decided to buy an organic baby crib mattress.

The demand for the organic baby crib mattress is increasing day by day in the market. More and more parents are getting conscious about the benefits of the organic baby crib mattress. It is clear that parents desire to provide their best for the healthy growth of a child. Using organic can be the best thing to start from. Some positive mind parents are in steady dilemma that they should go for a traditional or organic baby crib mattresses. Though, people should know that there has no difference between the traditional and the organic crib mattresses excepting that the organic baby crib mattresses are free from harmful chemicals and environment-friendly. There are many benefits of the organic baby crib mattress which a person should keep in mind before buying any traditional mattress.

In this Naturepedic crib mattress review, I can discuss each and every detail about this Naturepedic Organic Cotton Ultra 252 Seamless and dual firmness baby crib mattress. It is pretty high range product, but you can get the entire latest and most desirable feature. If your budget is high, then I can strongly recommend you this organic baby crib mattress.

Buying a baby crib mattress is a challenging and difficult task. An appropriate selection will increase the baby's safety along with comfort during the long hours of sleep and relax.

You have to do some extensive research, and then you can decide what you can buy for your child. Buying something for a kid isn’t easy task. But you may take some simple step and make this difficult task easier. A baby mattress must be fully waterproof and facilitate the easy cleaning process. Another concern is you can’t select much softer mattress because of a baby can’t feel comfort in softer bed. You can also choose a standard size and a perfect thickness mattress. For knowing the all important consideration about baby crib mattress please follows this review content completely.

Naturepedic No Compromise Organic Cotton with Dual Firmness Baby Crib Mattress Reviews

Award winning, No-Compromise Seamless Organic Cotton baby crib mattress with dual firmness is simply the healthiest baby crib mattress on the market. The Naturepedic No-Compromise Seamless Organic Cotton Ultra 252 baby crib mattress features with premium support, waterproof layer, and a stronger than a luxurious organic cotton cover designed for a proper sleeping environment.

naturepedic organic crib mattress reviews

It also designs with 252 inner side coils, proper edge support, organic cotton materials, and a firm surface which is easy-to-clean this non-toxic waterproof surface, and this organic cotton ultra 252 is the best choice for parents looking for to prevent potentially harmful chemicals as well as allergens. It’s waterproof cover, firm surface and preventing potentially harmful and toxic chemicals helps to ensure a healthy environment.

Naturepedic already GOTS certified for organic mattress manufacturer and achieve the trust of doctors and moms around the country. Naturepedic baby mattress manufacturer also achieves the strictest GREENGUARD certification standards intended for eliminating chemical emissions. They also win of numerous awards and prestigious endorsements. No-Compromise Seamless Organic Cotton Ultra 252 baby crib mattress has also achieved GREENGUARD certification for their non-toxic and organic material. Babies in usually spend up to 70% of their early life sleeping moreover playing on a crib mattress. For that reason, this matter should not be negotiable. Through an entire hypoallergenic design, coir/latex and wool are not used, and that organic cotton is free of boric acid and pesticides.

It designs with two stage dual firmness for both firmer sides for infant and slightly softer for toddler’s bed. It is quite high-range baby crib mattress. But it is also one of the finest baby crib mattresses in the market.

Premium Quality Organic Cotton Waterproof Cover

No-Compromise Seamless Organic Cotton Ultra 252 features with luxurious organic cotton waterproof cover help to easy to clean. It is used 100% food grade polyethylene waterproof coating. Fully food grade polyethylene is an exceptional alternative to the vinyl/PVC gets in nearly all baby crib mattresses.

It is a crucial matter to purchase a fully waterproof baby crib mattress. Because of a baby didn’t have any sense what he or she does? Sometimes they can wet the bed with spit-up or urine or messes. For that reason, baby mattress gets messy fast. In this Naturepedic crib mattress review, I can strongly recommend you this mattress for ensuring a healthy environment for your child.

naturepedic no compromise organic cotton classic 252 crib mattress
naturepedic organic cotton crib mattress reviews

2-Stage dual firmness for better support

Naturepedic can design this mattress with both side firmness for better edge support and extra comfort. One side can provide firmness for proper body support, and another side is quite softer for toddler’s bed. A Much softer surface can increase the risk of SIDS. For that reason, this is a suitable option for you. Many experts can accomplish to examine this mattress with ways. But this mattress can pass every test. One test show this mattress can’t sink if you can put more than thirty pounds. That weight is pretty much high for newborn to little age kids.


  • Organic cotton filling
  • 2-Stage dual firmness
  • GOTS Certified
  • GREENGUARD Select Certified
  • Firm Comfortable Support
  • Allergen Friendly Design
  • Premium organic cotton waterproof cover
  • Heavy duty, extra firm innerspring and flat surface
  • Lifetime warranty and 30-day money back guarantee
  • Firm and comfortable 252 coils for proper edge support


  • Price is pretty high
  • Heaviest baby mattress in the market
  • Difficult to move or change cover sheet for its heavyweight

Final verdict

After this Naturepedic crib mattress review content, I can recommend this baby crib mattress for your child. If your budget is pretty high and didn’t want to compromise any feature which can hamper your kid’s health, then this is the ideal baby mattress for you. It designs with both side firms for baby’s complete comfort. One side can provide firmness for proper body support, and another side is quite softer for toddler’s bed. The manufacturer can include a premium quality and fully organic cotton fabric mattress cover. They didn’t use any harmful and toxic chemical which is harmful to baby’s health. They cal also achieved GREENGUARD and GOTS certification for their non-toxic and organic material and high performance.

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