Tips on How to clean latex mattress easily –Latex Mattress care guide

how to clean a latex mattress

You might be enjoying your comforting latex mattress. Many of you might be concerned about keeping them tip top for as long as you are using them. I am well aware of the struggles people make to keep their mattresses long-lasting and durable. Most of the people are unaware of how to clean latex mattress. It is not a tricky thing. Rather some facts and tips can make you keep your latex mattress clean like a new one and in turn make it long-lasting and durable.

Fortunately, it does not need you to put some extra effort and time to clean latex mattress. The tasks required to keep your mattress tip-top are simple. By following the latex mattress cleaning guide, you can quickly come up with a clean, durable latex mattress. Let's begin with this simple and helping guide:

Rotate and flip your mattress every six months

Rotating and flipping your mattress adds to the life of your mattress. It makes the pressure even on all sides of the mattress and helps to avoid wear out due to being used on the one hand always. You can rotate and flip your mattress in following ways:

1. Turning your mattress

You can set your bed at an angle of 90 degrees to get to use the other side of the mattress equally as the first one. If you are using the side 'A' of your mattress, only turn it to side 'B' for usage.

Turning your  latex mattress

2. Make a cross flip

A cross flip includes changing the surface area of your mattress. It means rotating it to 180 degrees to change it upside down. A cross flip turns the surface area of the bed for use as well as changes it upside down.

flipping latex mattress

Clean the spots and smudges gently

If your bed gets spotted due to some spill or grease, then do not rush to wash it over. It would only decrease the lifetime of your mattress. Also, it would not be as comforting as it was before. The latex mattress becomes hardened when washed, so it is highly recommended not to wash it. Just rub the spots with a wet cloth and let it dry.

latex mattress cleaning

Use a washable mattress cover for extra protection

Using a washable mattress cover on your bed gives your mattress an extra layer of protection. If something accidentally falls over your mattress, you can immediately take it off and wash it only to reuse again. But in case, if there is no washable cover over your bed, it can instantly ruin your mattress. The stains might get hard to go, leaving your bed no more comfortable for sleeping.

Another benefit of using washable mattress covers is that they keep the mattress new forever. You can simply wash off your mattress cover monthly to keep it clean. Various waterproof mattress covers are also available in the market. These do not let the underlying bed get spotted after something spills over it. Their usage can also give your bed an extra protection and makes it durable.

Don't ever think of washing your latex mattress

If anything falls over your bed accident and leaves a spot over it, never think of trying to wash it with the water flowing through it. It would ruin the texture of your mattress, leaving it uncomfortable for you. Moreover, it could decrease the life of your mattress. It would cause it to wear out in a comparatively brief time.

It is not just about latex mattresses, but none of the kind of beds is suggested to wash. Rather, I suggest that if anything spills over your mattress, clean it with a wet cloth as much as possible.

Let it dry in the open air afterward. It would lessen down the extent of harm to your mattress's texture. It is proved to be a better solution for such situation.

Avoid exposing the latex mattress to sun

Exposure of mattress to sun rays directly equivalently destroys its texture as water does. As told before about drying the bed in the open air to dry it, does not mean to expose it directly to the sun. The direct sunshine can cause the latex of the mattress to break down, making its lifetime much shorter.

In my opinion, latex mattresses are the best option for a refreshing sleepover. It has a comparatively greater life when compared to other types of mattresses. The only thing that needs to be taken care of is its cleanliness. It can be achieved by following the latex mattress cleaning guide shared above. It can resolve a major problem with many people willing to keep their latex mattresses as much durable and long lasting.


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