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Once you have gotten for your child the best baby crib mattress intended to give it for comfortable sleeping, then the next task you are faced with is how to keep the crib mattress clean. Knowing how to clean crib mattress is the crucial step after buying it. Even if crib mattress is thin or thick, the moisture inside the mattress will not dry completely. The moist and humid environment inside can trigger the growth of mold and mildew. That mold and mildew can harm your baby's health. If you haven’t enough experience about how to clean a crib mattress, then follow the bellow instruction.

Clean up fluid and wipe the Spot

In the first step, you need to be done somehow hurry. You must remember that baby always plays with toys and they can felt liquid like spit, urine or milk. Those can make moist and humid surrounding the mattress. I hope you must don't desire to give any scope for developing mold and mildew. That mold and mildew are harmful to kids. So in the first step, you must keep your child’s mattress dry. Then you will be tension free about your baby and baby’s health.

If you can protect your baby crib mattress from any wet or soaking. But I think it is quite difficult to protect your crib mattress from fluids. Fluids are also as a liquid thing. But it can easily leak and cross into the mattress cover and goes the inner side of the mattress. But in the recent baby crib mattress market, you can get waterproof mattress cover which can resist the watery or any other liquid from the mattress. But if you can’t notice these fluids on time then that fluid may permanently spot the mattress. Try to clean the fluids or chunks as carefully as you can keep away from resistance it in any further.

clean crib mattress

Instead of resistance the gunk in, even more, all you are going to do at this point is get your sponge as well as add some soap also water to it. Don’t use the soap directly on that spot because the fabric may soap it up and get it hard to get out. I know you are trying to avoid getting liquids or fluids inside of the baby crib mattress. That suggestion may help you to protect your baby crib mattress from mold and mildew and also any spot which is come from any liquid and fluids.​

Manual Cleaning process

The manual cleaning process is a common and easiest cleaning process in any product or stuff. In the point of baby stuff, it is going more important to clean that more accurately. If you want to give a healthy environment to your baby, then it is important to maintain clean surroundings and environment for your kids. Now think where your child can spend maximum time. I know your answer must be a baby crib mattress. I also agree with you. Baby can split in there and water by urine and sometimes baby food like mild can dirt your child crib mattress.

In the manual process, you may use a Vacuum cleaner machine. It can help you to clean the light dust on the mattress cover as well as inside of the mattress cover. A vacuum cleaner is a machine which can make an extreme force, and that can absorb the dust. But keep in mind vacuum cleaner only use when you need to clean light dusts which is come from air flow or any other way. If you have enough time to be with your kids, then try to clean outside of the matters with a vacuum cleaner. But you may clean your mattress inner side ones a week or the little bit less or more.


Combine 1/4 cup of laundry detergent in a bucket by one gallon of warm water. If you can add one cup vinegar, then it is extra benefits for cleaning. Now you can use a traditional scrubbing brush and scrub the mattress cover and fabric with that detergent mixture. Keep in mind do not use water or soap directly on the mattress. Scrub all sides of the mattress and along seams carefully. Using a clean and damp cloth, wipe down the entire surface of the baby crib mattress, wash and wringing the cloth regularly to remove all detergent as well as residue from the fabric. Properly rinse is very important, as leftover soap can make irritation and harmful for your baby.

Top Quality Fabrics and Cover

In the market, you can easily find a baby crib mattress with waterproof cover. These types of water cover can resist the liquid or fluids. But you have to notice that and clean that on time. Otherwise, it may create a spot on your crib mattress cover or inner side too. But you have to clean or wash this waterproof cover regularly. Because of kids can dirt their bed habitually. Sometimes you also put baby food accidentally. But top-quality baby crib mattress can be little expensive.

You can find some brand which can offer such type of fabrics which can’t catch dust. That concept is not entirely accurate. But you will be confirming that it didn’t catch much dust compare than other mattress fabrics. So that can helps you to keep your baby crib mattress clean properly.

All latest baby crib mattress model can offer, their product is fully washable, and you can wash you mattress cover in the washing machine. That facility can remarkably reduce you hard work which is the need for manual or hand cleaning process.

Final Verdict

After all those discussions, I hope you may get the answer of how to clean crib mattress. You can clean it with manual or hand both. But it is important to keep your mattress always neat and clean for ensuring a healthy environment. I know every parent desire to give a clean and healthy environment for their kids.


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