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best organic crib mattress

I was very happy to hear that my wife is pregnant .I gone to my friend who had  twins baby. I took some advice and asked him what is a top quality baby mattress. But my friend recommends me to buy an organic baby crib mattress. I made a list of them and bought those from my nearby store. I got some special feature on those that I listed here in my article that will help you to choose the best organic crib mattress.

With technology improving by the day, today's baby mattresses are designed that they offer plenty of comfort to your kid, and you have a broad variety to select from. Before deciding on the baby mattress, make sure that it will fit the baby bed as well as suit your child's necessities. These crib mattresses come in unstable thicknesses along with in different materials too. Density is a major factor when picking a mattress for your baby. Usually, the size or density will be mentioned on the mattress packet. It is important that your baby has a soft mattress, other than firm mattress through enough declares for air circulation. In normally, all baby crib mattresses are fire retardant however for safety sake just ensures the same.

Many baby mattress companies produce good baby crib mattresses along with they differ in quality as well as features. You can also get in different shape and size. You also pick these baby crib mattresses which can easily fit your baby’s crib. As you possibly can guess, the best baby mattresses are usually evaluated according to their comfort and durability. And of course, it goes without saying to facilitate better the quality and the variety of the pricier the mattress will be.

It would be a great idea to select a baby mattress that has a waterproof cover so that the mattress itself does not get wet, moreover, contains an anti-microbial and non-toxic layer. You can also select the best organic crib mattress. Because of it is free of harmful chemical. If you are searching those types of baby crib mattress but you can’t find that. Then I can recommend you the organic crib mattress. In this review content, you can find top three organic baby crib mattress detail. You can easily pick one of them without any doubt.


1. Sealy Nature Couture Cotton Bliss 2-Stage Infant/Toddler Crib Mattress

The Sealy Nature Couture Cotton Bliss 2-Stage baby mattress is a premium dual firmness innerspring mattress through a firmer structure on the child side with softer organic cotton cushioning on the toddler side along with an excellent organic cotton cover with Crypton Clean Sleep and the best eco-friendly allergen barrier offered for your baby's crib mattress. More usual surface closest to kid with a durable and heavy-duty woven organic cotton cover is soft also breathable.

Enhanced with rypton Clean Sleep to facilitate keeps your baby’s organic cotton mattress cover feeling natural and protected as of absorbent diapers and soiling. Special Crypton Clean Sleep also maintains the organic cotton cover easy to clean without the use of plastic coatings approximating food-grade or PVC polyethylene. Stains wipe away moreover liquids don’t see throughout to help avoid mold growth. Heavy-duty coil count of 204 engineered steel coils interwoven designed for optimal body support that will last forever. Sealy coils are heat-tempered intended for strength and spun by professional handlers to facilitate ensure appropriate position support.

Mattress Quality

The firmness of the mattress makes it firm reduces any possible risk to a child sleeping on the mattress. It also fits cozily in standard cribs, not including gapping or pulling away as of the sides of the crib. Sealy Nature Couture Cotton Bliss 2-Stage baby mattress getting certified by GREENGUARD for the use of the hypoallergenic materials to facilitate breathe and keep the baby sleeping on it cool, the mattress is completely chemical free and keeps the baby safe.

Feature Rating

sealy cotton bliss crib mattress
sealy cotton bliss 2-stage organic crib mattress
best organic crib mattress reviews

Affordable Price

Price is an important issue when you are going to buy a product or stuff. Sometimes you can choose a product but that’s price can crossing your budget. For that reason sometimes it is quite difficult to adjust preferred product with adjusting your budget. If you are searching a reasonable price baby crib mattress but you can desire the best quality. Then you are in the right place. Now I can show you an amazing baby crib mattress model with the exceptional, affordable price. It is Sealy, Nature Couture Cotton Bliss 2-Stage baby mattress. You can get every facility from this mattress what you desire from a best baby crib mattress. If you didn’t want to compromise your kid’s health and safety, but your budget is not much high, then this mattress is ideal for you.

Pros and Cons


  • 100% Organic Cotton
  • Completely breathable
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Reasonable price
  • Fits tightly in standard cribs
  • GREENGUARD GOLD certified
  • Tear-resistant waterproof lock-stitching
  • Dual-sided to switch from a crib to a toddler bed


  • A little bit firmer
  • Mattress is pretty heavy

2. Naturepedic No Compromise Organic Cotton Classic Crib Mattress

Babies spend almost 18 hours in sleep. That is why every parent who concerns about their baby's health would like to ensure that every item baby used in his or her crib is not harmful to their health or physical growth. The main focus to think about is the baby crib mattress because it's where baby spends most of the time. Parents who value environmental-friendly products otherwise push for sustainability should take pleasure in the benefits of having an organic baby crib mattress for their babies.

The worry for the possible chemical effects on your kids is growing among public safety officials, health professionals, physicians as well as environmental support groups. In the present time technology is rapid growth in mattress production. All manufacturers are aware of to produce non-toxic material for ensuring more secure product for their customer. The Naturepedic organic cotton baby crib mattress is such type’s mattress what is your demand. It is completely non-toxic and organic cotton made baby crib mattress. It is not only harmful chemical free product, but it also provides proper comfort to your kids.

Naturepedic Organic Baby Crib Mattress Review

The Naturepedic No-Compromise baby crib mattress has everything you would desire from an organic crib mattress which can be difficult to find in a traditional mattress that is non-toxic. It gives your child with a much healthy, safer as well as comfortable sleeping environment though being durable. Its inner sides include only the purest form of cotton, which is a better substitute to alternative otherwise synthetic foams along with fabrics.

naturepedic organic baby mattress

It is only finding in the U.S. and is certified organic, and Naturepedic just purchase their materials from USDA certified resource to make sure purity and organic consistency. Its price is little high, but you can get everything that you desire from a baby crib mattress. Their original and patented wave support technology complete from pure food-grade polyethylene give incredible support and durability that rival innerspring along with premium foams. That wave structure accomplishes incredible strength by less material, providing an ultra-lightweight design with improved structural strength as compared to conventional foams.


The Naturepedic No-Compromise designed with the health and well-being of its infant inhabitant in mind. There are many baby mattresses on the market today, but so lots of them dangerous chemicals, harbor harsh, making them poor selection for your kid. Naturepedic goes away the extra mile among this baby crib mattress. Not only is the mattress waterproof, but it was complete with plastic that is safe adequate to be used intended for food products.

Not just waterproof, but this mattress is free of chemicals, together with fire retardants. It uses non-lethal flame prevented materials that will keep your child healthy and safe. Talking of healthy, the Naturepedic use pure organic cotton in their mattress and have designed this baby mattress to be hypoallergenic, which a lifesaver is intended for every parent of children suffering from a laundry list of allergies.


The Naturepedic No Compromise provides top quality support for your baby. The 2-stage dual firmness provides your infant a firm surface for appropriate sleeping and development through the toddler side has a slighter less firmness by some cushion. 

Naturepedic organic cotton baby crib mattress offers specialized consideration based on the point of the child. That means this is going to be harmless for infants along with comfortable for toddlers. Its heavy duty 150 coils innerspring facilitate to provide this firm plane surface that provides the perfect support required for your kid. It also tracks in accordance by pediatrician moreover Consumer Product Safety Commission firmness recommendations.

Fire protection

Organic Cotton does not burst into flames or discharge deadly exhaust when ignited. A non-toxic fire protection system makes a naturally significant fire obstacle for safe, effective protection and goes over all federal and state flammability standards, not including the use of potentially dangerous chemicals.

Edge Support

The Naturepedic organic cotton baby crib mattress provides exceptional edge support. It is something that is very significant to you because once your baby starts to sleep in a cribbed, there isn’t going to be that side rail to stay him or her from falling out of cribbed. That it is bound to happen, other than if there is adequate edge support, it can help to decrease those occurrences.

naturepedic organic crib mattress reviews

Two-Finger Test

Two-finger test is one of the common and first things you need to do when you put the baby crib mattress in the crib. If you didn’t know about this test, then I can tell you. When you can put the mattress in the crib, then you can put your two fingers into the gap between mattress and crib. If you can seem there have enough gaps for hold your both finger, then this mattress isn’t safe for your kid’s.

two finger test

Pros and Cons


  • Made with 100% organic cotton
  • Completely breathable
  • Lifetime warranty
  • GREENGUARD certified
  • It include Firm and comfortable wave support technology
  • Stain-resistant, waterproof and dust mite/bed bug proof surface
  • Heavy duty and extra firm innerspring and flat surface


  • Costly compared to other cribs
  • Heavier than other product

3. Colgate Classica III Foam Crib and Toddler-Best Organic Crib Mattress Review

The Colgate Classica III Dual Firmness Foam Baby Crib Mattress is flexible and durable designed for long-lasting through your kid’s physical development. Dual firmness foam baby crib mattress has a firm and a supportive side for a child with a softer and more comfortable side for toddlers. It features with a waterproof, tear-resistant, non-allergenic triple-layer reinforced cover designed for ultimate durability.

Colgate Classica III crib mattress fits both cribs as well as toddler beds. It gets GREENGUARD Gold Certified for using no harmful chemical emissions and suitable for standards of indoor air quality along with more than 10,000 volatile organic compounds.

The Colgate Classica III is a top quality and lightweight product, orthopedic style dual firmness baby foam crib mattress. The firmer supportive mattress infant side is very firm and most medical experts recommend this for kids. It builds with fewer firms and provides extra comfortable toddler side is also firm but, a little less firm than the mattress infant side. And the square corners make sure a comfortable, safe fit in any standard American baby cribs and toddler beds. Mattress thickness is 5".


A newborn or baby always desire extra comfort. Without it, baby can’t sleep properly. You may know that a baby can spend almost 18 to 19 hour in sleeping.

Editorial Rating

So without a proper and relax bed he or she can’t get the proper environment for sleep. So you have to ensure a bed which can provide the desired comfort. In the recent time, every parent uses a crib for their kids. So you have to pick a top quality mattress for that crib. I can recommend this Colgate Classica III Dual Firmness Foam Baby Crib Mattress for your crib. It can provide comfy enough which can help to development your kid's physical growth.

Infant Side

Colgate Classica III infant side is better and firm which means to facilitate they can easily move their head and get up on their hands as well as knees while they are first learning how to do so. It can support their legs when they begin to pull themselves up, and it will remain them from throwing and turning as of indentations that other mattress what you have.

Toddler Side

I can strongly recommend this because its toddler side has quite a bit of support yet though it is pretty softer than the infant side. The Proper body support for a child is just as vital as a baby because if your kid doesn’t sleep properly, then it hampers your child’s physical growth.

Pros and Cons


  • There has no bad smell
  • Lightweight baby crib mattress
  • Affordable price
  • Better edge support
  • Dual sided
  • GREENGUARD Gold Certified


  • Edges are rounded instead of squared
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