Best Latex Mattress Reviews 2017-2018

best latex mattress

From my point of view, I want to tell you that latex mattress is a comparatively newer invention than its other cousins like as the innerspring mattresses. I want to tell you why latex mattress is achieving a lot of popularity because of the benefits latex mattress can provide to their user. I hear about this from one of my uncle who suffers a lot of his back pain. That’s why he advises me for trying latex mattress for few days. It gives my family and me maximum support and comfort. It has a high level of durability or performance and is yet hypoallergenic as well as environment-friendly.

Latex mattress still can be more expensive than the other traditional mattresses. You will not be disappointed shelling out some of your hard-earned cash in purchasing one or two of these latex mattresses. But how will you know which ones are the good latex type of mattresses? Before you go and buy, study first some relevant guidelines for selecting a suitable latex type of mattress. It is a difficult task to choose a latex mattress for your bed. Because of so many latex mattress brands exists the market, it can’t overlook that you may feel confused when making their selection. But this should not turn into a problem as picking a mattress can now be determined simply. All you need to do is resolve what you need in a mattress. Comfort is the top priority, and then there is no better option moreover latex mattress.

Best Latex Mattress ReviewsLatex is a superb product produced from an extract of the Hevea tree. That can be much use in a broad range of goods, and a modern practice is for mattress toppers along with pillows are made from it. Natural latex is a truly sturdy product, and a top-quality latex mattress or mattress topper will almost certainly last many years. Best latex mattresses and pillows are made with tiny holes inside them. These little holes create the latex rubber squishier with more comfortable to sleep.

In this content, I can share with you top five remarkable latex mattress model. I hope this list can help you to pick a best mattress for you. I do extensive research and take the expert suggestion for making this list. So please follow the complete content for knowing the best latest mattress models with detail.

If you are reading this article, I believe you're concerned about purchasing a latex mattress. A latex mattress is getting very popular due to its outstanding comfort and high resistance. To make a better well-informed decision here, you can get everything correlated to latex mattresses, from the nature of latex to how a latex mattress is produced, from how to measure its quality to the utility of latex mattresses harmonize and much more.

Do you know sleep is directly affected our daily life as well as physical health and mental health? Without sufficient sleep, you can’t do your daily duty or focus for the job. So adequate sleeping is much essential for our everyday life. For that reason, you need a quality bed for your sound sleep. In the modern life, a bed can’t get its actual nature without a mattress. In this review content, I can recommend you most height selling latex mattress in the market. That is Tuft and Needle Twin mattress with T&N adaptive foam and sleeps cooler and more supportive than a memory foam mattress.

Tuft and Needle Twin Latex Mattress Review

Choosing the best one between memory, foam or latex, the startup has produced their own 100% unique Tuft & Needle Adaptive Foam, which is manufacturing from scratch, hand in hand by world-leading scientists. It’s a double layer mattress finished of high-density polyurethane, petroleum-based and certified from CertiPUR-US. It achieves certified to be free from formaldehyde, heavy metals, phthalates, PBDEs moreover carcinogens.

tuft and needle mattress reviews

Its top layer is 3 inches, and that is T&N Adaptive Foam, which serves the pressure relief along with proper weight distribution. The mattress material is infused with a graphite cooling gel to guarantee that you kept at the best possible temperature during sleep. The main bottom layer is 7 inches of base support that ensure proper position of your neck and back. Green Guard joins that layers certified glue and bound through a high-performance tactile fabric cover. That is made of rayon and polyester and is certified by OEKO-TEX to be free from heavy metals phthalates moreover other chemical residues. It’s a fully breathable material and working to keep you cool always.

tuft and needle mattress
tuft and needle mattress

The mattress body structure and texture of this foam were well-versed by the feedback they’ve received over the years from their customers. It’s only as adaptive as well as pressure reduces as conventional memory foam mattress, through the bounce along with supportive features of latex, as well it sleeps cool thanks to the combination of graphite and gel.

Tuft and Needle Twin Latex Mattress Additional Support

Every customer desires some outstanding and other facility or risk-free shopping. For that reason, Tuft and Needle can offer some additional support and service which can make your shopping more pleasurable.

Tuft & Needle Adaptive Foam

The most comfortable top layer on the mattress is produced by T&N themselves and gives as good pressure relief as memory foam mattress while sleeping cooler than memory and foam mattress.

10 Year Warranty

Tuft and Needle also can offer the 10-year warranty if you face any problem through using their latex mattress. You can also get free return facility.

100 Night Trial

You can get the 100-night trial facility for how you feel in this latex mattress. If you are not satisfied with this mattress then just return it with free of cost. If also offering 100% risk-free return.

Mattress Main Layers

Tuft & Needle latex mattress is produced from 2 layers of foam and the total thickness of 10 inches.

Top layer for comfort

The mattress top layer of the Tuft and Needle is 3 inches layer of poly foam. Its standard is 2.9 pounds per cubic foot (PCF). The top layer is designed to provide exceptional comfort, support as well as cooling for the mattress.

tuft and needle mattress topper

Bottom layer for foundation

Mattress bottom layer of the Tuft and Needle is 7 inches of the base of support foam. And it is 1.8 pounds per cubic foot (PCF). Bottom layer makes the foundational support for the mattress and gives a shape also.


The cover is always a major issue when you select a bed mattress. In this latex mattress, you can get a simple and fully white and thin cover which seems quite fashionable. That thinness is design for improving the cooling of the mattress, while also helps sleepers to more straightly contact to the foam layers.


  • Gives relief in back and neck
  • 100-Day trial period
  • Better Edge Support
  • Enhanced breathability
  • 10-year warranty
  • Affordable price
  • Excellent pressure relief
  • Using T&N Adaptive Foam


  • Little bit firm
  • You can’t try it before purchase

Latex foam mattress is produced to not longer than conventional spring mattresses. It can be made with natural or synthetic materials. Latex foam mattresses are providing more support and comfort. These latex mattresses have a bouncy effect which helps the sideway distribution of the body weight, not down to eliminate the main pressure points.

Also, latex foam mattress is exceptionally elastic along with pushes up the body making an incredible support designed for the whole body, other than at the same time, and it is pretty supportive and comfortable.

In this part, I can show you this remarkable Dreamfoam Bedding Queen dream latex foam mattress. It is a 10 inches ultra plush mattress with 3 inches top layer for extra comfort. The top 3 inch Talalay latex comfort layer directly comfort to each unique form of your body intended for exceptional, orthopedic support as well as pressure relief. The top quality bamboo cover includes 100% biodegradable bamboo fibers through 1.5 inches of super soft reflex foam.

Customizable Dreamfoam Bedding Queen Dreams Latex Mattress

If you’re searching a customizable mattress that helps you to setup your bed precisely as you desire, then Dreamfoam Bedding Queen Dreams Latex Mattress, Customize, Ask Chuck mattress is an ideal choice for you. Dreamfoam Bedding can offer four types of pre-set firmness. And their mattress firmness is also selectable as “Customize Ask Chuck” to facilitate refers to personnel of Dreamfoam Bedding to present customization of the durability point just what you’re searching.

dreamfoam latex mattress

Talalay Latex Foam

Every person can spend a big amount of time in his or her bed while sleeping or relaxing. If bed didn’t provide proper comfort, then your sleeping can be hampered. For that reason, everyone tries to arrange a comfortable bed for their ultimate relax. Dreamfoam Bedding can provide 3 inches top Talalay latex foam for your ultimate comfort while using this latex mattress. That comfort layer goes with the shape of your body also supports the spinal alignment and consequently gives outstanding, orthopedic pressure relief that works perfectly after a long day at work.

Bamboo Cover

This latex mattress features with a 1.5-inch layer of soft quilted bamboo cover to facilitate a drier, cooler for more comfortable sleep. It made of 100% infused biodegradable bamboo fibers, the cover feels like softer than cotton but entirely absorb moisture four times more than that cotton.

dreamfoam mattress ultimate dreams latex mattress

High-Density Base Foam

Just below the mattress comfort layer, there has a 5.5-inches foundation base foam. That base layer provides firm support as well as boost air circulation to decrease heat levels.

Comfort and support

Comfort and support both is an essential feature for mattress bed. If you can’t get proper comfort in your bed, then it will confirm that you can’t select perfect mattress for your bed.

If your mattress can’t provide adequate support, then you must feel uncomfortable and may feel pain in your back and neck. So you have to select a latex mattress which can give better comfort and support. My recommended Dreamfoam Bedding Queen dreams latex mattress offers you both comfort and support. For that reason, I can strongly recommend this latex mattress for your bed.


  • 10-year warranty
  • Better Edge Support
  • Enhanced breathability
  • Made in the USA
  • 3-inch Talalay latex foam
  • High-density base foam
  • Luxurious resilience and feel
  • Resistant to moisture and heat
  • Optimal orthopedic support


  • Price is over five hundred dollar

There are so many major reasons to choose a latex bed, but the latex mattress remains a bit of a mystery and seems like too much of a luxury for some. But in the recent years latex mattresses have become more affordable while the technology that is used to make them is more flexible and adaptable than ever.All this serves to form a latex mattress more sleeper friendly as well as accessible than ever before.

Now I can show you one of the best latex mattress in the market, and this is a pretty reasonable price. It is LUCID 16 inches Plush Memory Foam Latex Mattress.

Recently LUCID upgraded their mattress models to make them more supportive, comfortable and breathable. LUCID did make some changes in their mattress thickest 16-inches memory foam latex mattress, not as several as other models though. The second 3-inch plush memory foam layer is changed by 3-inch ventilated gel memory foam. That change is very important to develop mattress breathability along with reducing body heat-trapping.

Warranty And Return Policy

LUCID 16 inches Plush Memory Foam Latex mattress comes with a 25-year warranty that is longer than the warranty of other compares mattresses. For purchase, a mattress online or a shop longer warranty can keep you from an unexpected problem in the future. Moreover from that, LUCID has confirmed you can 30 days return policy applies to all LUCID latex mattresses. Customers didn’t need to take any worry about the package issue plus Amazon authority will do the job done.

lucid 16 inch plush memory foam and latex mattress
lucid 16 inch plush memory foam and latex mattress

Easy Setup Facility

Set up or assembling both is always challenging task for many people. For that reason, customer desires maximum effortless set-up process for their buying product. LUCID will be dedicated to offering you the best possible set up experience ever you get.

All of the LUCID products are shipped with vacuum packed, so your mattress is trouble-free to transport and easy setup. After you get the mattress in your hand, just take the mattress package into the correct room, remove it from the box along with protective wrap, and then you watch as it expands.

lucid plush memory foam and latex mattress

Detail of All Layers

In this mattress, you can get total four layers. Now I go to describe from the first one.

The top layer is 1 inch is quilted bamboo charcoal memory foam for extra comfort. The top layer is hypoallergenic, and Linen Spa specifies that bamboo charcoal is better for the skin.

The second layer is 3 inches of latex plush memory foam. LUCID indicate that this is 3lbs density memory foam and that is a little less dense than most memory foam in mattresses today often more.

16 natural latex and memory foam mattress by lucid
best latex mattress reviews

The third layer is just 2 inches of natural latex. The third layer gives support and is ventilated to help designed for air flow and cooling of the mattress surface. Usually, memory foam mattresses have a reputation intended for sleeping hot, for that reason many manufacturers adding airflow channels for cooling.

And the last fourth layer is 10 inches of high-density base foam for foundational support. Fourth or the last layer help the entire mattress for provides all supportive from the mattress. It also helps the mattress keep in a fixed position. If your mattress can move the little bit from your bed, you may feel not comfortable to sleep in your bed. So that ten inches layer helps you to keep your mattress in a fixed position.


  • Infused with Bamboo Charcoal
  • 1 inch quilted bamboo charcoal memory foam top
  • 3-inch plush memory foam layer
  • 2-inch latex comfort layer
  • 10-inch density base foam
  • 16 inch Plush Memory Foam and Latex Mattress with 4 Layers
  • Eco-friendly
  • Natural Latex and CertiPUR-US Certified Foam
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Open cell technology that blocks body impressions


  • Sometimes it creates problem
  • Chemical smell when unpacked
  • Pretty heavy mattress

With so many options of mattress model and brands in the current market, it cannot be avoided that you may get confused when making your choice. But this should not become a problem as selecting a mattress can now be resolved effortlessly. All you need to do is determine what you need in a latex mattress.

If comfort is a top priority, then there is no better option without a latex mattress. If you try to find a better quality latex mattress, then I can recommend this Eco Terra 11 inches luxury latex mattress.

eco terra luxury latex mattress

Comfort and Durability

If there is a mattress that will stay in your bed to a certain extent than go on another night out with family and friends, then this is the one.

You will love how the Eco Terra 11 inches Luxury Latex Mattress is so comfortable, it is not only an alternative but the best option judge against to memory foam, according to its many reviews from happy owners. The Eco Terra 11inch Luxury Latex Mattress has no quicksand experience, and if you are sharing your bed with someone else, you won’t feel your partner moving in bed at night.

eco terra latex mattress
eco terra latex mattress

You can’t notice any off-gassing period intended for the Eco Terra 11-inch Luxury Latex Mattress. It is manufactured with 100% all-natural latex as well as fabric-encased coils. It is a medium firm almost certainly the best choice of firmness particularly for those who desire something that is not too soft but not too hard. It also gives you better strength in your bed support. It can keep in a fixed position, and that can helps you to a better sleeping experience.

Firmness and Stiffness

It is a common matter that many firms and must soft bed can hamper while laying down bed for sleeping. So you have to ensure a bed which is not much firmly and not much soft. Eco Terra 11inch latex mattress gives you proper firmness with sufficient stiffness. Without both of these, a bed can’t seem ideal bed for sleeping

eco luxury latex mattress reviews

Luxury Feel and Support

In this modern life, everyone desires more luxury and premium quality lifestyle. You can get a luxury feel while sleeping in this latex mattress. It can also provide proper back and neck support.

eco luxury latex mattress


  • No off-gassing period for this mattress
  • No harmful chemical used
  • Provide relief to your pressure points
  • 30-days money back guarantee
  • No sleep disturbance due to your partner’s movement
  • If you have back pain, can be magnificent for you


  • Price is pretty high
  • You can’t trial it before purchase

Latex mattresses are a comparatively newer invention than its other cousins such as the innerspring or memory foam mattresses. Though, they are achieving a lot of popularity because of the benefits they can offer to their user. It provides its user maximum comfort and support, and it has a high level of durability along with is even hypoallergenic and environment-friendly material.

Mattress Layers

Brooklyn Bedding latex mattress is a 10-inch thick mattress made up of three layers.

The top layer is 2 inch, and it made with Talalay latex. It provides little more consistent in bounce and its durability. The manufacturer can make this layer for provide more comfort and relax sleeping environment.

brooklyn bedding latex mattress
brooklyn bedding latex mattress

Second or middle is 2 inches thick and made with Dunlap latex. Mainly it is a durable material for providing more durability in bed support.

The last or bottom layer is 6-inch thick layer, and it made with high-density polyfoam. It makes this mattress more breathable.

Comfort and Support

Comfort and support are the primary consideration when you are going to buy latex or any other mattress for your bed. In this mattress, you can get premium quality comfort and proper support what you desire from a latex mattress.


  • No motion transfer
  • Affordable price
  • Firmness options
  • Product of America
  • Perfect Bounce


  • Less feature compare than other latex mattresses

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