Top 6 Baby Sleep Tips – How to Get Your Baby to Sleep in the Crib

I ran to market for buying baby sleep products for my newborn son. I was confused being a mother for the first time and did not know what to do about that. My son was having sleeping problems, and I went to many doctors being concerned about his sleep disorder. I realized that this was a struggle every mother has been facing, so I am writing about my experiences for you.

baby sleep tips

I had tried many treatments and many ways for him to have a beautiful and undisturbed sleep. I found some most active baby sleep tips that I am going to share with you all now. Mothers, first of all, there is no need to worry about your child's sleep disturbances. You all need to know that it is natural and happens to every third child usually. Secondly, do not hesitate to learn about some new experiences about your baby.

Try our these, I found these tips in a baby sleeping guide and believe me these are very useful and worth trying.

#1 Start making your child sleep in crib

In my case, I was thinking about how to make my son sleep in the crib because like other kids, he liked to sleep in my lap. I was also not aware of it initially but now being a well-experienced mother, I can guide you on how to get your baby sleep in the crib. The best way is to start working on this today. Start making your child rest in the crib initially while playing with him; this will make him get through it slowly.


You can keep on increasing the crib time of your baby day by day. It will make him/her comfortable with the crib, and you will not have to face the problem of his sleep disorders anymore. You need to make your baby comfortable with multiple sleeping positions. It would resolve the sleeping issues of your child.

#2 Start with a routine


Consistency in your routine is a must when trying to teach your baby anything. Similar is the case with teaching him to sleep in the crib. Start placing him in regularly for small intervals. You can make the range expand to the days passing. Start from an interval of 10-15 minutes and go on expanding it up to an hour.

#3 Don't panic, let your baby settle

Mothers, it is not easy to make your child settle in an unfamiliar environment at once. So, don't panic about it. Your child will take time to settle into the environment as well as different sleeping places.


It is highly suggested for the new mother especially to keep calm about the process. Stress and panic can lead them to have severe sleeping disorders themselves. However, you can take precautionary measures for not letting your baby to develop the habit of sleeping in your lap. So, it's better to make the little one comfortable with the crib from the start.

#4 Teach the little one slow and steady

teach your baby slow-and-steady

Your baby is not aware of the conditions and your problems. So, don't hope him to get readily settled with what you want. I understand that it becomes difficult at times to hold on, but you have to do so for your little one. Accept that the process is slow and keep going with it slowly and steadily. You will surely get to see the results soon.

#5 Believe that practicing would make it perfect

Practice makes a man perfect. Similar is the case with a new mommy like many of you. I have gone through the same struggles; you are going through currently. I too gave up many times, but my mom told me that I was new to this experience. And that's why I was losing my temperament. I got to learn how to deal with my baby, and everything just seemed so simple to me.

I recommend to all of my reader moms to hold on with their temperament. It is going to be a fruitful journey for you. You will start enjoying seeing your baby grow and would love to see him/her sleep peacefully soon.

#6 Crying is a part of learning process, its natural

Crying is a part of the learning process for babies. They may seem to cry a lot, and you may be getting frustrated about their crying every time. There is no need to get frustrated about it initially. Rather let your baby cry for long when you place them in the crib. They may cry a lot initially but would get used to it with time.


You don't need to take your baby out from the crib when they cry. It would instead make them cry every time you place them in the crib. Rather, I suggest letting them cry for some time and soon they will settle for it. It is natural that we all initially become angry when set to something new. Similarly, babies do weep in discomfort when exposed to a new experience.

Being a mom, I had not come up with such baby sleeping tips and had faced many problems trying to figure out the solution for my son. In my opinion, following the above tips and guide to make your baby sleep in the crib would be very helping to you all. Especially the new moms must consider it. Try the above guide and enjoy being a mommy!


Shopia is housewife, who loves to share her experiences about the new born and guides new moms for their first-time parenting experience. She also writes about some awesome hacks and tips which are very useful for home safety and cleaning.

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